'THE FAT LADY SANG - Whodunit?'  Game Synopsis

6 - 14 Guests (18 and over)

Friends were invited to the grand Country Estate Of the wealthy Diva....to seal up their fate. All were excited until their host was found dead With a note in her pocket and a wound in her head. Clues drifted in, and some were bizarre.... Who, at this holiday happening, murdered the star? All still in the will, so who gives a dang? Count your blessings, it's over....The Fat Lady Sang! NOTE: This is a unisex game......All characters are suitable to both genders.

This simple to use adult murder mystery for 6-14 people is a great way to move a party, have lots of fun and entertain your guests! Come join the unique, unisex characters and discover whodunit!

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Murder Mystery Reviews

Also-It was great having unisex characters. Our parties are a mix of couples and singles and rarely work out 50-50 on gender. This is a real plus, and when one character didn't know whether her husband or wife had died, it just added to the fun.
heiligmans@verizon.net - Columbia, MD, USA
Friday, January 01, 2016
We all had a great time with this one, but-there were many loose ends that were not tied up and clues that made no sense or were never explained. The secret message decoder didn't cover all the symbols in the message, but you could figure out the gist of it. A piece of evidence didn't have anything to do with any of the suspects. The cause of death was unclear, etc. We all had a great time in spite of it.
heiligmans@verizon.net - Columbia, MD, USA
Friday, January 01, 2016