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1920s: Roaring 20s Party Theme

The decade following World War I is known as "the Roaring Twenties." It was a time of unprecedented prosperity. The people of this age enjoyed a fast-paced life of luxury and glamor that was depicted by their extravagant parties and galas. Prohibition was in full swing, so some of the best parties were "underground", often hosted in secret locations or speak-easys as they were called. This was also the era of the Gangster. Mob gangs rules the streets and did most of the bootlegged alcohol trafficking. This supply of booze ensured their parties were always wild and unpredictable.

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  • Black & White
  • Speakeasy Bar
  • Gangsters/Al Capone/Bugsy Siegel
  • Flapper DressesProhibition 'Bathtub Gin'
  • The Great Gatsby
  • Cotton Club/Ragtime Band
  • Art Deco/Aviation
  • Fedoras/English Driving Caps/Zoot Suits/Wing Tip Shoes
  • Model T Fords/Tabloid Newspapers
  • Mah Jongg/Oriental Lanterns/Victrolas
  • Long Pearl Necklaces/Headbands/Feathers/Cloche Hats


Women/Girls: a broad, a bunny, a canary (well, one who could sing), a charity girl (one who was sexually promiscuous), a dame, a doll, cat's meow, cat's whiskers.

Jazz age jargon included: Joe College - better yet a Joe Yale - or a Joe Zilch , jazzbo, jellybean, blind date, upchuck, jazz babies, pos-a-loot-ly, and the real McCoy.

1920's Slang Dictionary - Download and print this document and then have it available during your party to help people get in the mood. Your guests will also have access to this document from their guest account on the Pre-Party site.

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