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1940s: Fantastic 40s Party Theme

The 1940s was a period between the radical 1930s and the conservative 1950s. This decade was consumed by the World War II. This period of great change introduced many new social fads and fashions.

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  • War Time Posters
  • black rotary-dial telephone
  • Phonograph consoles
  • Wood Paneled table-top radios
  • Metal canister sets
  • Chrome tables with formica tops
  • Chicken & rooster motifs
  • Pretty aprons

  • Doll dizzy --girl crazy
  • Dilly -a cute girl
  • Blackout girl --a cute girl
  • Able-Grable --a cute girl
  • Some of Hitler's work, no doubt --an unattractive girl
  • Void coupon --an unattractive girl
  • Share crop --a sexually promiscuous girl
  • Khaki wacky --boy crazy
  • Active duty --a sexually promiscuous boy
  • Drooly --a cute guy
  • Greeby --terrible
  • Ducky shincracker --a good dancer

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