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Wagon Wheel, Hay Barrels, Hobby Horses, Horse Trough for beverages.

Ace-high ~ first class, respected. A hog-killin' time ~ a real good time. "We went to the New Year's Eve dance and had us a hog-killin' time." A lick and a promise ~ to do haphazardly. "She just gave it a lick and a promise." Bang-up ~ first rate. "They did a bang-up job." Blowhard ~ braggart, bully. Dinero ~ from the Spanish, a word for money. Get a wiggle on ~ hurry. Jig is up ~ scheme/game is over, exposed. Rich ~ amusing, funny, improbable. "Oh, that's rich!" Right as a trivet ~ right as rain, sound as a nut, stable. Take the rag off ~ surpass, beat all. "Well, if that don't take the rag off the bush." The Old States ~ back East. The whole kit and caboodle ~ the entire thing. Throw up the sponge ~ quit, give up, surrender.

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We do a murder mystery dinner every year for New Years eve. "host-party" did not disappoint again this year. We always have a mixture of returns & newbies. The clues are easy to follow even for ...

robin & joe lowe - 12919 Lyme Bay Dr
Monday, January 02, 2017
Mistletoe Madness

We've been holding murder mysteries on New Years Eve for the past 7 years. We winter in a golf course community with other like-minded, active retirees. We just had to play Caddy Shacked last NYE...

Lloyd and Tina Fleming - Robson Ranch, Arizona
Sunday, November 20, 2016
Caddy Shacked

This was a very entertaining game for our mixed age group (ages 5-16 with 2 adults as host). The vocabulary was rather advanced for the elementary students, but it didn't hold them back much as l...

Katelynn Tull - Midwest, United States
Saturday, July 16, 2016
A Cereal Killer?

I had crazy friends who were willing to dress up and play a character. I did not plan this but what happened was as I handed out the clues in each round the group stayed together and started talk...

Christine Higby Saloon - 1012 McFarland Street
Tuesday, May 17, 2016
A Wild Western Tragedy

I hosted this game for 9 other girls age 10-14. They loved it! Each girl had fun dressing up and getting into character, with arguments actually getting heated. The murderer was much harder to gu...

Shoshana - Oregon, United States
Saturday, May 14, 2016
A Fatal Fairy Tale

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