The Curse of the Egyptian Statue

murder mystery party game
4 Guests
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The participants in this Mystery Party play members of a team of archaeologists in Egypt that has made a truly sensational discovery. Dr. Ari Nubis, co-leader of the team; Armand Rhe, the expedition's financial sponsor; Falk Hoarus, the graduate student assistant, and the field photographer Tom Thot...


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Dr. Ari Nubis

murder mystery party

Dr. Ari Nubis, co-leader of an archaeological excavating team in Egypt with Professor Rhys. Dr. Nubis has been the Professor's friend and colleague for many years. The sensational discovery of the previously unknown cult of Seth, God of Chaos, will make Dr. Nubis famous among Egyptologists.

Armand Rhe

murder mystery party

Armand Rhe, an Egyptian business man, owns a highly respected antique dealership in Cairo. Professor Rhys has been Rhe's business partner for years. Rhe is the financial sponsor of the Professor's current expedition, covering all the expenses. As it turned out, this was a shrewd business decision: T...

Falk Hoarus

murder mystery party

Falk Hoarus is a graduate student in Egyptology, studying under Professor Rhys, and the senior research assistant on the archaeological team. Hoarus was very grateful to the Professor when he was selected to accompany him on this interesting excavation. Finding the Seth temple has far exceeded every...

Thomas Thoth

murder mystery party

Thomas Thoth is the official photographer for the team of researchers in Egypt. Thoth was grateful to the Professor Rhys when he was offered the opportunity to work on this expedition. The sensational findings here could make him and his work as a photographer famous!

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