Death of a Highwayman

murder mystery party game
8 - 12 Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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A murder mystery game for 8 to 12 players set in 18th century England where highwaymen are terrorising travellers across Hampstead Heath. A party is being held to celebrate the incredible ride from London to York in a single day by the infamous highwayman Dick Burpin.


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Stan Deliver

murder mystery party

A poor highwayman who relies on his wife to help him to stand up to his victims.

Gerta Hanzupp

murder mystery party

A bold German lady highwayman who has come to England because she thinks it is a safer place to commit highway robbery.

Ivor Tankard

murder mystery party

The jovial owner of the Coach and Horses and the host for the party tonight. He has made a bold stand against the trouble being caused by highwaymen.

Ann Deliver

murder mystery party

Stan's wife and the successful part of the partnership.

Evan Elpuss

murder mystery party

The local parson who runs the church of St Fathing's. A strange man of the cloth who has a liking for all of the fine things in life.

Ima Sewandsew

murder mystery party

Local dressmaker who makes clothes for all sorts of people. There are rumours that she even makes masks for highwaymen.

Jason D Villans

murder mystery party

A courier and errand person who is staying as a guest at the Coach and Horses.

Norma Snockers

murder mystery party

A serving wench at the Coach and Horses who is friendly with all of the men.

Nic Zeeloot

murder mystery party

A French highwayman who is always concerned about how he looks. He would love to be the most famous highwayman.

Wendy Coach-Cumzin

murder mystery party

Stage coach driver who is staying at the Coach and Horses.

Mel O'Dee

murder mystery party

A travelling musician who goes from place to place entertaining the locals with his songs and playing all sorts of instruments. He always sings his replies and questions with musical accompaniment.

Maeve Stowlitt

murder mystery party

Owner of a number of local shops who loves to trade in all manner of goods.

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