Murder at the Dunmore Lodge (6 Character Version)

murder mystery party game
6+ Guests
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$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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The weather service predicted a record snowfall and, for once, they were right. Thirty six inches of snow has fallen in the last 24 hours and it is still snowing. To make matters worse two separate avalanches have wiped out the eastern and western arms bridges. The only sign of civilization betw...


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Alexander Khun

murder mystery party

Senator Khun is the victim of our murder. He hides one very dark secret. Twenty years ago he as involved in a car accident where his secretary, Lori Schwartz was killed. The circumstances of the accident were questionable to say the least. There were rumors about an affair between the Senator and hi...

Richard Boone

murder mystery party

A sixty-something man who has an air of quiet class about him. He is not afraid to speak up but he is always reserved and dignified.

Michael Appledorn

murder mystery party

Michael is a very easy-going person. He is thirty-something. He is not someone who worries what other people think or say about him. He treats everyone as an equal, even those who think they're above him.

Countess Barbara Lamour

murder mystery party

The Countess is a very exciteable and nervous person in her sixties. She is never shy about offering her opinion. Her voice needs to be loud and piercing. She always avoids the question when people ask where she is from but her accent is French.

Taylor Evans

murder mystery party

Taylor is used to having men fall all over her. She knows she's stunningly beautiful but has the good grace not to say it. She always carries herself as if she's on the runway, always on display. She is in her early twenties.

Wade Gartner

murder mystery party

In his early forties he carries himself with self-assurance. He is confident and talkative but a little eccentric. He is very professional in his dealings with people

Rhonda Lyons

murder mystery party

Rhonda's overall character is negative. She is constantly seeing the glass as half empty. She is cynical, rude and shrewish. Nobody is safe from her tongue. She is in her early forties.

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