Playa del Loco, Love Boat Style

murder mystery party game
15+ Guests
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$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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Sunny Daze has done everything she can to keep her struggling travel agency afloat. Travel websites have lured away all but her most loyal customers. Without the customer volume she once boasted, she just can't compete with the online discounted prices. Desperate to reclaim customers, Sunny pro...


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Sunny Daze

murder mystery party

Sunny is a fun-loving, likable woman. Her intensity over her career has caused her to compromise her professional integrity on more than one occasion. Interestingly, her friends are aware of her dishonest business practices, but have chosen to overlook her rough edges. Sunny loves to tease and pl...

Wendy Knight

murder mystery party

Wendy is a wallflower, but there’s more to her than meets the eye. She is a walking travel dictionary and she’s fluent in the languages of many of the travel destinations. When she gets nervous, Wendy tells jokes in another language, but gets her feelings hurt when the listener doesn’t laugh at th...

Larry Vespuci

murder mystery party

Larry is a shy, sweet middle school teacher. But ask him anything about maps and he can’t stop talking. Friends have started to notice that Larry is picking up the habit of breaking into song when he really gets into a conversation.

Ace Marlin

murder mystery party

Ace is a totally cool surfer dude. Sometimes his conversations, and his lessons, are hard to follow because he uses terms that he makes up. He teaches scuba lessons to fund his thrill-seeking lifestyle. Ever since he met Sunny, however, he has entertained serious thoughts about settling down. ...

Jacky Starr

murder mystery party

Jacky is the beautiful casino manager. She is polished and confident, which often intimidates other women and attracts a lot of male attention. Jacky’s cool personality helps her to be practically unbeatable in cards and in love.

Simon Richards

murder mystery party

Simon suffered a nervous breakdown due to work related pressure, and his doctor suggested that he find a less stressful career. He decided to find a job on a cruise ship, and an aerobics instructor was the only available position he could find. The breakdown surfaced major issues; he has an irrati...

Merrill Perry

murder mystery party

Captain Perry never did figure out the whole internet thing; without a website, his business is really suffering. Sunny talked him into helping her with her Playa del Loco scam, in order to bring customers back to his ship. Perry is a good hearted man. He hates the fact that he’s lying to his pas...

Tiffany Gates

murder mystery party

Tiffany is Sunny’s best friend. She is nice to Sunny when they’re together, but she does not support Sunny’s professional comeback. Tiffany is arrogant and boring; she’s got a hot stock tip for anybody within earshot. Tiffany just invested heavily in the new travel website, Her r...

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