Which Witch Did The Switch?

murder mystery party game
8 - 12 Guests (8 to 13) (8-10 girls or 8-12 boys and girls)
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$ 34.95
EC - Early Childhood
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Miss Terry, the head mistress of Miss Terry's School of Magic will take charge of the usual end of term assembly. The whole of the school, staff and pupils will gather to see who wins the annual school awards. What could possibly go wrong with all of those witches and wizards around? A children's my...


  • Host Instructions
  • Guest Instructions
  • Character Descriptions
  • Character Motives
  • Game Clues
  • Pre-Game Clues
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  • Suggested Recipes
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Eve Ill

murder mystery party

A pupil who is always feeling a little ill, and is very short tempered!

Madge Ickle

murder mystery party

A jealous assistant headmistress who dreams of being in charge!

Alison Carefully

murder mystery party

School show-off and Miss know-it-all at the school of magic.

Kat Black

murder mystery party

A superstitious teacher who loves cats, especially black ones!

Casta Spell

murder mystery party

A kind pupil from Spain who cares what everyone thinks!

Frankie Stein

murder mystery party

A pupil who is a massive sci-fi, monster and horror movie fan and who really admires the local monster, Frankine Stan!

Skelly Ton

murder mystery party

A pupil who in their spare time loves to tell jokes and learn about the human body, especially inside!

Pointy Att

murder mystery party

A school proud caretaker who needs every thing to be spotless, Pointy hates being bossed around!

Col Dren

murder mystery party

School sports champion who has to win everything that he enters.

Miss H. Ubble

murder mystery party

Broom Flying teacher at Miss Terry's School of Magic.

Miss B. Ubble

murder mystery party

Potions mistress at Miss Terry's School of Magic.

Ivor Wand

murder mystery party

Shopkeeper at Avawand, the local magical supplies store.

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