Murder on Starship Endeavor

murder mystery party game
6 - 8 Guests (18 and over)
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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All is not well on the the starship Endeavor, flagship of the Galactic Planetary Alliance. Ambassador Anubis of the Tal Orkae, on board to negotiate a peace treaty, has been murdered. Needless to say, the political fallout from such a tragedy will have far reaching consequences. The Tal Orkaen empir...


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Captain Jonas Forrester

murder mystery party

Captain Jonas Forrester has been the Captain of the Endeavor for 6 years. A well thought of officer in Star-Force, he has however been passed over for promotion to Admiral twice. He is a dignified man with an undeniable air of authority. He is a gifted diplomat but has been known to come up with cre...

Commander Matthew Hewitt

murder mystery party

The Endeavor's First Officer has an impeccable service record yet has twice turned down promotion to Captain and the command of his own starship. Considerably more hot-headed and impulsive than the Captain he is still an excellent compliment to the Captain's more rigid and formal style. He is we...

Commander Szon

murder mystery party

Commander Szon is a Maquina, a race of beings who have incorporated cybernetic elements into their bodies. While most of the Maquina's cybernetic elements are internal a Maquina can always be identified by his silver (just a suggestion) eyes. The Maquina are incredibly intelligent and inhumanly str...

Lt. Cmdr. Toth

murder mystery party

The first and only member of the warlike Nech'ton race to be a member of Star Force. He constantly struggles against his baser instincts so as to better integrate into the largely human Endeavor crew. However, his Nech'ton heritage makes him an excellent Security Chief as he is incredibly strong (th...

Doctor Kathleen Preston

murder mystery party

A very well respected doctor who runs her department like a well oiled machine, Kathleen still has trouble masking her dislike for people like Anubis. She wears all her emotions on her sleeve. The Doctor is doing her best to supress some very strong feelings for the Captain and of late he seems to b...

Lt. Cmdr. Garrett Morgan

murder mystery party

Lt. Cmdr. Morgan is a highly emotional, yet extremely efficient Chief Engineer. While having a reputation for wearing his emotions on his sleeve Cmdr. Morgan doesn't let anything get between him and his beloved ship. He is highly inventive and his ingenious solutions have saved the Endeavor from cer...

Lt. Amanda Silva

murder mystery party

Lt. Silva is responsible for the mental health of everyone on the ship. A daunting task on a deep exploration space vessel but then Amanda is partially telepathic which definitely helps. She is extremely professional, sometimes to a fault. Her dedication to her job ironically causes turmoil and chal...

Ensign Spencer Rhodes

murder mystery party

As the newest member of the Endeavor's crew Ensign Rhodes is still very much an outsider. He/She is in awe of Captain Forrester, hanging on his every word. However, there is a considerable amount of animosity with Commander Hewitt who takes every opportunity to criticize the Ensign.

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