Who Stole Blake Beard's Booty (Boys)

murder mystery party game
8, 9 or 10 Boys
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$ 34.95
EC - Early Childhood
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A swashbuckling children's mystery set in the Admiral Longbow Tavern in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1674. A time of pirates, buccaneers, privateers and gentlemen of fortune. Join the party to see Blake Beard auction off his treasure map as he retires from being the scourge of the seven seas.


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Blake Beard

murder mystery party

The Victim. A greatly feared buccaneer who has terrorised the West Indies for many years.

Captain Claw

murder mystery party

Pirate and Captain of "The Black Spot". For many years he has sailed the seven seas as a bloodthirsty bucanneer. A vicious man with a hook for his right hand and a black eyepatch.

Short John Silva

murder mystery party

A salty old sea dog with a wooden leg and an eyepatch. He worked his way up from a ship's cook to a bloodthirsty buccaneer. He is now the captain of "The Revenge".

Shiva M'Timbers

murder mystery party

A gentleman pirate who once had a commission from the English King to plunder Spanish treasure ships. When the commission ended, though, he did not want to stop. He now captains "The Gentleman O'Fortune".

Drew Maps

murder mystery party

An artist who has worked on many ships drawing maps of the newly discovered lands and things that were found on them. Drew has been away for a number of years and has just returned to Jamaica.

Abel Boddid

murder mystery party

A down to earth sailor who has been at sea since he was fourteen. He has recently become a pirate. His last voyage was on Blake Beard's ship, "The Scurvy Dog".

Sean Tee

murder mystery party

Owner of "The Admiral Longbow", the tavern in Port Royal where Blake Beard loved to go for a drink. A colourful character who can hold his own with all of the low down scum who frequent his inn.

Harry Celeste

murder mystery party

One of the last real pirates to ply the seven seas. He has even been known to attack other pirate ships. His ship, "Miss Laid" is a fearful galleon which strikes fear into any merchantmen or treasure ships that see her colours. It has the reputation of being a ghost ship and nobody knows where he ke...

Robin E. Chuvver

murder mystery party

A gold dealer and treasure hunter who is based in Port Royal. An individual who is happy to deal with customers who don't want any questions asked about the source of their items.

Stu Pott

murder mystery party

Ship's cook who has worked on Blake Beard's ship, "The Scurvy Dog" for many years. He does not care what the sailors think of his food.

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