Bigfoot Encounter

murder mystery party game
25+ guests
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E - Everyone
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What begins as a typical evening campfire program at the Sasquatch National Park turns thrilling when a Bigfoot is spotted wandering through the campsite. Many of the campers eagerly present wild theories about the Sasquatch. Guests have to decide what they think they saw, and whether or not the...


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Ivan Tabeasty

murder mystery party

Ivan is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, which is the study of animals that have not yet been proven to exist. He is intelligent and passionate about pursuing evidence of the world’s most elusive animal species. He is in the area following up on an anonymous tip of a Sasquatch sighting...

Ranger Richard

murder mystery party

Richard takes his ranger job seriously, even if he is easily frightened by strange noises in the woods. He most enjoys presenting the evening campfire programs. Richard would much rather talk about the forest creatures than actually encounter them on a hike.


murder mystery party

Maybe Jane and her boyfriend Dick did wander off the beaten path on a date once, but they are sick and tired of hearing the crazy stories invented to explain their brief disappearance. They didn’t run into an axe murderer, they witnessed no satanic ritual, they are alive and well.

Dr. Dana Gray

murder mystery party

Dana "Spooky" Gray hasn’t been abducted by aliens, but he wants to believe it happens. In fact, Dana is convinced that the Bigfoot are actually a highly intelligent species that visit Earth occasionally from another dimension.

Wise Coyote

murder mystery party

Wise Coyote believes that the Sasquatch is actually the Great Coyote Spirit. It chooses to appear when it has a message for humans to respond to. Most witnesses, however, are so frightened out of their wits when encountering a Sasquatch, they bolt before receiving the message. Wise Coyote has bee...

Dr. Strait

murder mystery party

Dr. Harrison Strait has reason to believe that there is a colony of people infected with a rare and highly contagious skin disorder living in the forest. The disorder causes a fungus to grow on the skin which resembles dark hair. The good doctor believes that the Bigfoot sightings are actually gli...

Edgar Trapp

murder mystery party

The Bigfoot stories have never stopped Edgar from hunting in the forest. Game is so plentiful, it would take a lot to frighten Edgar into abandoning his favorite sport.


murder mystery party

He makes an unforgettable appearance at the party!

Long Lost Ned

murder mystery party

Ned wandered off during a family reunion years ago because he was sick of society, at least the society of his relatives! Ned wanted to live off the land, and not be bothered by anybody. Ned built a shelter close to the campgrounds and settled down.

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