Murder in the Baths (A Roman Murder Mystery)

murder mystery party game
8 Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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The year is 50 AD and the place is ancient Rome. The last few days have seen the best Roman athletes, chariot racers and gladiators entertaining the vast crowds in the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. By decree of the Emperor, Titus Anewticus, the Thermal Baths in Rome will be the venue for a lavish...


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Poll Taxus

murder mystery party

The wife of the ever despised senator, Devius Taxus. Only the best is good enough.

Rightus Prattus

murder mystery party

A vice senator who really puts the vice into politics.

Joyus Ridus

murder mystery party

Famous charioteer who has had a very succesful racing season. She loves a good whip round.

Lobba Discus

murder mystery party

Athlete. He'd never throw an event.


murder mystery party

One of Devius Taxus' favourite slaves. She's full of Gallic charm.

Maximus Gore

murder mystery party

A bloodthirsty gladiator. Don't give him the thumbs down.


murder mystery party

Slave. Cinna by name but not by nature.

Folio Scandalus

murder mystery party

Scribe for The Sol. Has he got the scrolls or does he always walk like that?

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