A Mexican Murder Mystery

murder mystery party game
6 - 8 Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Old California, 1835. Cattle Rancher Don Juan Dinero is dead and no one seems particularly upset about it. Everyone's been enjoying themselves at another one of Doña Margarita's celebrated "baile de máscaras" (masquerade balls). Everyone but the Don, that is. Tonight, while everyone was enjoying the...


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Rover Grange

murder mystery party

A prospector, Rover Grange has been living in the hills above Rancho Dinero; he is on the prowl for gold. The locals stay clear of him as he is "loco".

Maria Chihuahua

murder mystery party

Maria entertains the vaqueros who frequent the pueblo's only saloon, La Ultima Ronda. Her saloon. She owns it. She sings, dances and tends the bar.

Mateo D'Oro

murder mystery party

Mateo takes care of the cattle on Rancho Dinero. But his dream is to be a torero, a "matador de toros." Pity he didn't fulfill his dream with this bull; now his master, Don Juan, is dead.

El Zero

murder mystery party

A serenade-singing rebel. Señor Zero sees himself as the Robin Hood of the peóns.

Don Juan Dinero

murder mystery party

Don Juan left the hard work of running his rancho to his vaqueros so he could focus on fiestas, rodeos and bullfights. He bet on anything and always won, well almost always. His odds against a bull weren't so good. Now he's dead.

Ohlone Cayote

murder mystery party

Ohlone was raised by the padres of the Misericoria Mission. Now twenty, she works in the Doña's house, Hacienda Dinero, as a maid.

Doña Margarita

murder mystery party

Margarita comes from a long, respected line of Californios. She is well-educated, cultivated and very proud of her ancestry.

Padre Ernesto

murder mystery party

A Spanish Catholic priest, Padre Ernesto has devoted his life to La Misericordia Mission.

Lota Luz Blanco

murder mystery party

Lota deals cards at "La Ultima Ronda" when the bounty hunting business is slow. Whatever Lota wants, Lota gets: dead or alive.

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