Death of a Vampire (Large Group Teen)

murder mystery party game
15+ Guests
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$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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To celebrate the opening of the scary new theme park, Vampireland in Transylvania, the guests have been chosen by Jack Ular, the owner of Castle Alucard and Vampireland, to take a frightening challenge. Their challenge, if they choose to accept, is to spend a night in one of the rooms in the haunted...


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Jack Ular

murder mystery party

Aging Horror Film Star who was recently voted Top Film Vampire of all time. He had created the new scary theme park called Vampireland in the grounds of Castle Alucard. He always dressed like a vampire and loved to sleep in his coffin. It rather looks like he'll have that wish come true for eternity...


murder mystery party

Jack Ular's butler and Castle Alucard retainer for many years. A spooky character in himself who is familiar with many of the nooks and crannies of Castle Alucard, but, like many of the staff, he has always refused to enter the West Wing of Castle Alucard, until tonight!!

Jacqueline Hyde

murder mystery party

Top supernatural investigator who has made a fortune from her books and photographs including her famous photograph of the Lake Blud Monster.

Count De Bodies

murder mystery party

Famous Film Star renowned for his roles as Doctor Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Mummy and of course, Dracula.

Dinah Gruesomeway

murder mystery party

Writer of some of the scariest modern horror stories. Always dresses in black with a veil. Not somebody you would like to meet on a dark night!!

Dai Monsterdai

murder mystery party

Welsh Vampire Hunter affectionately nicknamed 'Taffy the Vampire Slayer'. He is a big fan of Buffy and always carries her picture next to his heart.

Ivanna Bytiznek

murder mystery party

She is the presenter of 'Fangs for the Memory', a cable TV programme about vampire films, myths and legends. A Romanian Princess, she is a real 'Vamp in a red dress'.

Vlad Tire

murder mystery party

A local villager who runs the joinery business and timber yard in the village next to Vampireland. He had decided not to come tonight but then broke down as he was driving past and decided to come and try to win the money.

Ann Angrimob

murder mystery party

From the local village. She works behind the bar at the local Hostelry, 'The Cross and Garlic' (A Big Stake Inn).

Constable Painting

murder mystery party

An English Policeman who has been sent in to help the local police to try and solve the mysterious disappearance of a number of young local girls.

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