It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... Bob in Accounting?

murder mystery party game
15-99 guests
Base price:
$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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Unbeknownst to the average office employee, there are Super Heroes working at your company under assumed identities. The secrecy of being a Super Hero and the stress of preventing so many near-apocalyptic scenarios are taking their toll on these anonymous defenders. In an attempt to legiti...


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Elana Longfish

murder mystery party

Powers: Elana can control electricity. Elana is the mild mannered co-worker. Sometimes she has to slip away to save the world, and she’s not too creative at providing believable alibis to excuse her sudden absences.

Troy Specter

murder mystery party

Powers: Invisibility. Troy is admired for his good looks but his office contributions are overlooked. Although frustrated when passed up for promotions, Troy knows that he can accomplish quite a bit as a Secret Super. He chooses to stay anonymous.

Penn Manship

murder mystery party

Powers: Superhuman strength. Penn shows up for his day job, but everybody knows that he really wants to be a best selling author of mystery novels. Without realizing it, he often speaks in prose, or narrates to himself as he goes about his day.

Lisa Jackson

murder mystery party

Powers: Body Contortionist. Lisa is not afraid of calling attention to herself. She is loud and has an obnoxious laugh. She loves to show off her flexibility at parties. It makes for an interesting conversation starter, for sure.

Crystal Waterson

murder mystery party

Powers: Ability to freeze things with her breath. Crystal ‘mothers’ her co-workers by offering crazy, annoying, unsolicited advice. Crystal is paranoid about the safety of others and tends to over-think everything that could go wrong in a situation.

Nicole Kent

murder mystery party

Powers: Flight. She is the leader of the Secret Supers. Nicole can fly to the planet where the super powers originated. Because she has seen Earth from space, she often describes locations from a bird’s-eye view when the topic of travel comes up.

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