World War II: Operation Bulldog

murder mystery party game
7 - 16 Guests (18 and over)
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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G.R. Claveria, Co-writer: During WWII, American soldiers set up field hospitals in Europe to treat casualties of war. In Italy, one field hospital is preparing for a USO show, complete with famous celebrity performers! Suddenly they get some unexpected arrivals. Elite pilots on a secret missi...


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Doctor Daniel Strauss

murder mystery party

As the dashing head doctor of a field hospital, it’s up to you to set an example of strength and composure under the extreme circumstances of war. These brave soldiers, wounded while fighting on foreign shores, deserve the very best treatment you and your nurses can provide. You know you’re handso...

Head Nurse Lorie Pettyworth

murder mystery party

Cordial to all and quick to smile, you’re a nurse’s nurse. You’re competent, efficient, and have a bedside manner that would make Florence Nightingale seem like a surly troll. You’re a natural as Head Nurse for the field hospital. No matter what the distraction, whether it’s a handling a flood of...

Brigadier General Stevens

murder mystery party

You're next in command after General Roberts. You're responsible for the squadron and its vital mission in Germany, Operation Sunshine. You have to be ready to fly out at a moment’s notice. You can’t concern yourself with finding General Roberts, who may or may not be actually missing. You’re tryin...

Bob (Roberta) Faith

murder mystery party

You’re a known comedian. Everyone loves you. You have the energy and humor to command any room. You’ve hosted charity events, variety shows, and even radio specials. You’re grateful to your fans for all your success throughout the years, so when the opportunity came to give something back to your co...

Rita Kelly

murder mystery party

You walk into a room and watch the jaws hit the floor. Some people have beauty, some have brains. You know which one you’ve got. You’ve always wanted to be an actress, even though most of the time you can be pretty blond! You’re forever losing things, but it doesn’t seem to matter. No sooner do you ...

Captain Carter

murder mystery party

You won’t deny that you want out of this war, but you respect General Roberts. He always manages to convince you to stay and fight. You are not pessimistic, just realistic. As an elite members of a secret unit on an important mission, you need to be realistic to keep from getting killed. That's e...

Marion Addams

murder mystery party

Working long hours under the rigorous conditions of a field hospital, it can be hard to remember what you’re fighting for. Fortunately, you remember whenever you look into the eyes of one of your patients, your handsome, single patients. There’s something about a man in uniform that makes you want t...

Angelina Roberts

murder mystery party

You don’t feel the need to be “nice” to the underlings that work for your husband. You’re the wife of a general, the daughter of one of the most powerful families in all of Italy, and you’ve never had to be nice to the help. Growing up, you never had a problem acting the way you do. Now, however,...

Anna Mills

murder mystery party

You’re a woman, and women are supposed to be soft. But you’re a member of the U.S. Army first, a medical professional second, and a woman last. You’re tough as nails, and sometimes just as cold and hard. You’re all business, and nursing just happens to be your chosen industry. As a nurse in a fie...

Bobby Love

murder mystery party

Bobby Love is a handsome crooner who sings to entertain the troops. You’re a heart throb in The States and, after this USO tour, you’ll be a world wide sensation. Bobby Love is the man all the women want. You swivel your hips, and they faint dead away. There’s just one thing Bobby Love won’t do,...

Doris Knight

murder mystery party

Your smoky voice and sultry eyes have captured the imagination of the nation. You’re known all over for your charm, poise, and grace. You’ve sold so many records that you could build a mansion out of them! But you’re not a singer for the money. Ever since you were a little girl, you just loved t...

Major Barringer

murder mystery party

You’ve played on a lot of sports teams in your life, all of them winners. When all the players were chanting, “We’re number one!,” you were secretly thinking, “I’m number one!” You always scored the most points, and now you’re one of only a very few elite pilots trusted with this secret mission to ...

Ester Crane

murder mystery party

You're happiest keeping to yourself. You don’t like to see people sick, but if they’re too sick to talk to you then it’s sad that the soldier is ill, but it’s nice that you can treat him without having to pretend that you like talking to him. And if one of the patients, God forbid, asks you to hav...

Refreshment Girl Sally

murder mystery party

You are a young, single girl, the only daughter of your old mama and papa back home in Kansas tending the farm. You’re different from most of the people in Kansas, though. You want to see the world before you settle down. You’re not a singer or a dancer or a glamorous actress. The only way you’d ...

Colonel Davis

murder mystery party

You are one of a few elite pilots on a mission of utmost importance. Operation Bulldog, if successful, could permanently turn the tide of the war in favor of the Allies. This is what you’ve been training for, preparing for since you first knew as a young boy you were meant to do something special. ...

Lt. Colonel Franklin

murder mystery party

You and General Roberts have been through it all together. Though orders have sometimes forced you to serve separately for a time, it was never long before you were back to serving together again. You are loyal to each other. You would never keep something from him, and you know he’d never keep v...

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