The Haunting of Bainbridge Manor

murder mystery party game
8 Guests (18 and over)
Base price:
$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Culprit Knows:

Ten years ago, lovely Lynnette Bainbridge was murdered during a costume ball at the glamorous Bainbridge Manor. The culprit was never discovered. It is rumored that Lynnette?s spirit does not rest peacefully, but endlessly prowls the halls of Bainbridge Manor, waiting for justice. Now, all who ...


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Roman Bainbridge

murder mystery party

Roman Bainbridge is a respected and influential man, fawned over by women and maitre d’s everywhere. He enjoys spending his free time as a high stakes player at the baccarat table.

Jamie Bainbridge

murder mystery party

Jamie Bainbridge may be the only Bainbridge with a real job. Jamie manages an antique dealership, and spends most days haggling with customers.

Dirk Humphrey

murder mystery party

Dirk is a member of society’s elite and has a taste for the finer things in life…which is one reason he pursued Lynnette Bainbridge. Suave and sophisticated, Dirk always finds a way to get what he wants.

Beauregard Charming

murder mystery party

Born into a privileged family, Beauregard has always traveled to the beat of his own drum. Uninterested in social status, he lives in jeans and tennis shoes, and spends his time volunteering at an animal shelter.

Eliza Snoot

murder mystery party

Eliza is a formidable woman and heiress to a considerable lumber fortune. She spends her days shopping, getting her way and looking fabulous.

Chris Bainbridge

murder mystery party

Chris is a member of the wealthy Bainbridge family, but has always wanted to be on the stage. One day, Chris hopes to star in Broadway musicals.

Clarissa Bainbridge

murder mystery party

If it isn’t brand new and fabulous, Clarissa doesn’t want anything to do with it. Stylish and beautiful, Clarissa spends her days shopping, always looking for the next great thing to buy.

Madam Starr

murder mystery party

Madam Starr is a high society medium who helps rich people communicate with the spirit world. The wealthy pay her well to tell them what the future holds.

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