Outlaw Mayor of Bluegrass

murder mystery party game
Cast of 5: 2 F & 3 M, Unlimited Guests
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$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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It's town meeting time in the Old West town of Bluegrass, time to vote on some very important town propositions. The meeting is just about to get underway. The whole town is there at the meeting hall, but Mayor Walker Sanford is no where to be found! All he left behind was a cryptic note. Now S...


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Sheriff C. W. Frank

murder mystery party

A man doesn't become the sheriff of a Wild West town for the money or the glamor. It's a hard workin', low payin' job, and a man would have to be half crazy to take it on. You, on the other hand, really care about bringing civilization to the wilder areas of this country. Bluegrass, in your opinio...

Maitland Craig

murder mystery party

Politics is the only game for grown-ups. You've known that every since you were a whippersnapper. That's why you started in politics early. With all the open positions in the West, that's where you headed. As aide to Mayor Walker Sanford, you've had a chance to learn Wild West politics first han...

Senior Councilman Dick Goldsacks

murder mystery party

You're what people call a life. You've been in politics since you were young, but the politics of these Wild West towns can be a bit thorny at times. Non the less, you've done pretty well for yourself in the frontier town of Bluegrass. You've been in Bluegrass since the first wooden buildings wer...

Sherry Balin'

murder mystery party

You're Sherry Balin', best hay baler in the West. Rough and tough, you're on the town council of Bluegrass because you want to help birth a new town that's strong, not a weak, pansy town. A town that will be hard on it's criminals, a town who's folks spit nails after breakfast. You don't mind people...

Mrs. Rosemary Clinton (The Widow Clinton)

murder mystery party

Though you have never lived in the town of Bluegrass, or anywhere near there, but you do have significant holdings in the West. Protecting your holdings means keeping yourself keenly aware of the goings on in the wilder parts of the country. You want Bluegrass to be prosperous. Even though you're...

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