Death of a Department Store Santa (Expanded Version)

murder mystery party game
12 or More Guests
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All of Harrison’s Department Store is in a festive mood as they prepare for the Christmas shopping season. The traditional Santaville display in the middle of the store is the perfect place for shoppers' children to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. But when the Department Store Santa dies ...


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Vance Snyde

murder mystery party

Vance has been the upstanding manager of Harrison’s for many years. An old-fashioned gentleman, he favors tradition and sees no reason to change the way he’s done things since he first became manager.

Ellen Bliss

murder mystery party

Ellen Bliss is a firm believer in perfection. Why be just good enough when you can be perfect? She prides herself on excellent customer service and helping her lady customers leave the store more beautiful than when they arrived.

Jeremy Sole

murder mystery party

Jeremy knows all about shoes and how to sell them. Of course, this isn’t how he thought his life would turn out—he never expected to spend his life as a shoe salesman—but he does his best to put on a happy face when the customers arrive.

Mama Pearl

murder mystery party

Mama Pearl is a fixture at Harrison’s Department Store. She has been a store employee for as long as anyone can remember. When she isn’t playing Mrs. Claus in the store’s Santaville display, she can be seen knitting sweaters.

Pat Blitzen

murder mystery party

Pat plays a reindeer in Santaville, but Pat's first love is tap dancing. On slow days at the store, you might catch Pat tapping around Santaville dressed in the reindeer costume.

Taylor Paige

murder mystery party

Taylor Paige plays an elf in Santaville, but (s)he really wants to be a novelist. When not on duty in Santaville, you can find Taylor alone in a corner with a pen and notebook, scribbling away.

Rebecca Wainwright

murder mystery party

Blessed with an enormous trust fund, Rebecca has decided that careers are for lesser people. She enjoys spending her days shopping for shoes and fancy cosmetics, and is not shy about complaining to the manager if anything displeases her.

Bruce Silver

murder mystery party

An unsuccessful actor, Bruce Silver is disappointed with his lot in life and still waiting for his “big break.” While he waits, he has taken the job as back-up Santa to pay the bills, filling in when the regular Santa takes a day off.

Abigail Brite

murder mystery party

Abigail Brite is the manager of the competing store across the street, Swank's Fine Goods. She runs a very tight ship and has the reputation of being a no-nonsense boss.

Hugo Dane

murder mystery party

During the holiday season, Hugo Dane enjoys playing a department store Santa. The rest of the year, he spends his time working as a personal trainer and entering body building competitions.

Jess Prior

murder mystery party

The youngest reporter at the local news station, Jess is hungry for the latest scoop and will go to great lengths to do it.

Leslie Buttes

murder mystery party

Leslie is never in front of the camera, but still an important part of getting a great news story. It's Leslie's job to film Jess getting the story, while always making sure to capture Jess's "good side."

Harrison's Department Store Security

murder mystery party

Don't let the cheap uniforms fool you; these guys are as serious about solving crime as any detective. They've never had the chance to solve a murder before, and they are raring to go!

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