A St Valentine's Day Murder Mystery (All female version)

murder mystery party game
6 - 10 Female guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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The year is 1929 and Prohibition is at its height. Until last week Chicago was run by four big players. Tommy Gunn, who runs booze and girls, Ali Kohol, who runs booze and protection rackets, Spits Feathers, who runs booze and gambling dens through his bakery business cover and, until his murder las...


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Ev Vee

murder mystery party

Gangster and Tommy Gunn's right hand girl for the last four years. Some might describe her as a hired killer but she considers that she is a thoughtful and sensitive individual.

Cherry Bee

murder mystery party

A flapper who has been going out with Tommy Gunn for the last six months. She is a thoroughly modern girl and she loves all of the music and dancing of the era.

Ali Kohol

murder mystery party

A rival gangster and bootlegger who operates out of the North Side of Chicago. She and Tommy go back a long way and are very old 'friends'!

Brandy Chaser

murder mystery party

A flapper who has been working for Ali Kohol for three months. A lively girl who loves to dance to all of the latest hot songs.

Gill T. Azell

murder mystery party

Police Commissioner for Chicago. She always tells the newspapers that she has to maintain a high profile in the City so that she has a better chance of nailing some real criminals.

Roxanne Redlight

murder mystery party

A professional singer and dancer who would grace any stage. She started off in the chorus line but her ruthless ambition drove her into the spotlight.

Bev Ridge

murder mystery party

A barmaid who has worked for Tommy Gunn for two weeks. She considers herself to be a star behind the bar and loves to mix fancy cocktails when she has the ingredients.

Heidi Schnapps

murder mystery party

A waitress in Tommy Gunn's Speakeasy. She dreams of one day becoming a dancer on the stage and hearing the roar of the audience as they yell for more.

Charlie Ston

murder mystery party

A musician who has played with Claire for some time. A very versatile performer, she prefers the saxophone but can play twenty instruments.

Claire Rinnett

murder mystery party

A musician who usually plays in clubs and speakeasies. She has worked with Charlie Ston for some time. She can play lots of different instruments and loves to demonstrate her abilities.

Tommy Gunn

murder mystery party

Gangster and owner of the Speakeasy where the action is taking place. A man with so many enemies that he is always looking over his shoulder.

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