Murder at Mudstuck Festival

murder mystery party game
8 to 10 Guests
Base price:
$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Culprit Knows:

Over the fifteen years that it has been in existence Mudstuck Festival has grown from a small occasion with a few hundred fans to one of the top annual music festivals in the UK with over 250,000 festival goers descending on the tiny West Country village of Mudstuck. The Festival was the brainchild ...


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Wanda Fields

murder mystery party

Muddy's wife and festival co-organiser

Mike Dupp

murder mystery party

Radio D.J and stage announcer

Anita Shower

murder mystery party

Festival goer

Hugh Geddon-Itt

murder mystery party

Neighbouring farmer

Sonia Autocue

murder mystery party

T. V. presenter

Ed Lynact

murder mystery party

Singer and guitarist with Thick Lizzy

Whiny Aimhouse

murder mystery party


Travelsick Trevor

murder mystery party

Blues guitarist and singer

Rosa Tense

murder mystery party

Festival goer whose tent was flooded out

Don Lettermin

murder mystery party

Security guard

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