Death by Chocolate (Large group version)

murder mystery party game
Large groups of 16 upwards (aged 13 and over)
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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A joint party is being held at Thornbury's Chocolates to launch the new range of Symphony Chocolates and also to celebrate the 30th birthday party of Shopin Channill (That's pronounced Show-pan), the daughter of Thornbury's owner Cocoa Channill. What could possibly go wrong on such a happy night?


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  • Game Clues
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Jock Latt

murder mystery party

Old-time chocolatier who created Thornbury's Chocolates traditional ranges. Wears a white coat and white gloves. Brings a tray of chocolates with him (the prototypes for the new Symphony Range and also some of the Thornbury's Traditional Range).

Kit Catt

murder mystery party

Shopin's private fitness instructor. Wears her gym gear with a tracksuit. Carries a few weights and other fitness accessories together with her own fitness mat.

Pepe Mint

murder mystery party

Cocoa's Spanish Dancing Instructor. Wears a light coloured suit and a black shirt and black shoes. He loves to dance about the room with whichever lady is closest.

Shopin Channill

murder mystery party

Cocoa's daughter who is having her 30th birthday party. Dresses outrageously in long boots, short skirt and top. Carries her favourite handbag

Ray Synn-Channill

murder mystery party

Cocoa's husband and factory manager at Thornbury's Chocolates. Wears a tuxedo and a black tie.

Candy Kisses

murder mystery party

Deputy Taster at Thornbury's Chocolates. Wears a black dress with long black gloves and black shoes.

Troy D Softcentres

murder mystery party

Shopin's boyfriend and company accountant at Thornbury's Chocolates. Wears a dark suit, blue shirt and bright tie. Carries a folder full of accounts and papers with him.

Hazel Nutt-Whirl

murder mystery party

Anti-chocolate campaigner. Dresses in black with a white cravat and glasses. She sometimes has her hair up in a bun. She sometimes carries a banner on two poles saying "Ban all evil chocolates".

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