Summoned: A supernatural murder mystery (Teen version)

murder mystery party game
6 to 10 Teen Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Lord Harbinger of Doom has spent many years as a demon slayer, fighting evil spirits who have crossed into the human world. He recently found an ancient spell in the Book of Evil which will allow him to actually summon evil spirits to earth. He has an unpleasant surprise waiting in the Dungeon for ...


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Count Dracula

murder mystery party

A vampire

Dee Monn

murder mystery party

A demon fresh from Hell.

V. R. Woolf

murder mystery party

A werewolf killed by Lord Harbinger

Countess Bathory

murder mystery party

A 16th Century Hungarian mass murderess.

Willie Survive

murder mystery party

Lord Harbinger's nephew and assistant

Belladonna Morti

murder mystery party

19th Century Italian murderess.

Guy Utine

murder mystery party

French Executioner.


murder mystery party

Egyptian Queen

Jack the Ripper

murder mystery party

Victorian mass murderer

Lucy Fur

murder mystery party

The devil

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