Who Cancelled Christmas?

murder mystery party game
8 - 10 Girls (8-12+)
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Things are gearing up for a busy Christmas up at the North Pole as Santa and his elves are preparing for the big night of present delivery around the world. What could possibly go wrong to upset the carefully planned event? A Christmas Mystery without a murder for the holiday season for 8 to 10 gir...


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Peg Doll

murder mystery party

Santa's toy maker at his North Pole toy factory.

May Menditt

murder mystery party

She is the mechanic who looks after Santa's sleigh at the North Pole.

Eve Christmas

murder mystery party

The toy buyer at Santa's North Pole toy factory.

Pippa Horn

murder mystery party

The driver of Santa's sleigh who is responsible for helping him deliver all of the presents.

Mary Christmas

murder mystery party

An elf who is the reindeer keeper for Santa at the North Pole.

Stikya Stampon

murder mystery party

A human who runs the post office at the North Pole.

Cat Claus

murder mystery party

Santa's daughter who doesn't appreciate her famous father.

Miss LeToe

murder mystery party

Teacher in the Elf School at the North Pole

Ann Safety

murder mystery party

An elf who has been the boss at Santa's toy factory for many years

Mrs Claus

murder mystery party

Santa's long suffering wife

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