A Rockin' Hot Tub Murder

murder mystery party game
8 - 12 Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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A party is being held at Effingham Hall, the new home of rock legend, Roland Stone. The party is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the formation of Roland's group 'The Falling Rocks'. However tragedy strikes and Roland is electrocuted in his new hot tub. The guests at the party are now all suspe...


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Glad Allover

murder mystery party

Roland’s girlfriend for the past five years. A lively girl who has hung round the fringes of rock music for years.

Tristan Shout

murder mystery party

Guitarist with Roland’s group The Falling Rocks. Has a habit of slipping lines from songs into his conversation (Can you spot them all)

Ophelia Bottom

murder mystery party

Shakespearean actress who owns her own theatre called "The Ophelia" She loves to talk in rhyming couplets (or Iambic pentameter if you are cultured!) as if she was still on stage.

Orson Cart

murder mystery party

Director of the new motion picture about Roland’s life. Previously he has directed some of the all time great movies.

Ann Thology

murder mystery party

Writer of Roland’s new biography, Rock'n'Roland. She has written a number of crime thrillers and murder mysteries.

Adam Upp

murder mystery party

Roland’s accountant and financial advisor. He has control of Roland’s financial affairs and tries to keep Roland’s spending in check.

Wendy Legsache

murder mystery party

Roland’s personal fitness trainer. She has been seen regularly around Effingham Hall during her daily sessions with Roland as he has fought to stay fit and youthful

Al Legations

murder mystery party

Roland’s legal advisor. He has had his hands full with Roland’s many business deals and property transactions and is one of his most respected advisors

Lord Effingham

murder mystery party

Previous owner of Effingham Hall who had sold it to Roland after it had been in his family for 300 years

Lady Effingham

murder mystery party

Lord Effingham’s wife who had reluctantly moved out of Effingham Hall when it was sold to Roland.

Anna Liszt

murder mystery party

Roland’s psychiatrist who has tried to keep his brain working throughout his rock star excesses.

Ivor Golddisk

murder mystery party

Record Producer for the Falling Rocks and owner of I-Gold Records, a company which once boasted many of the top recording groups.

Roland Stone

murder mystery party

The victim. Rock Music legend and lead singer with The Falling Rocks for the last 30 years. He had recently purchased Effingham Hall in the heart of the English countryside and has been organizing extensive renovations

Game Reviews

  • Fantastic fun, made all the better for great company. Thanks again to everyone for entering it the spirit of things and I feel sure we will be in touch very soon with details of the next one!

  • Brilliant game, only one guest guessed the murder as everyone was so convincing it could have been anyone! I would recommend this game as there is such a range personalities within the characters. We laughed all night.

  • Very fun. All participants loved the characters. We had a great time!

    Ryan .
  • We had so much fun and so many laughs, can't wait to do it again. Everyone played their character well. Thanks to all for attending and making such a wonderful night. Darlene

    Darlene B. - Warwick, RI
  • We did the Rockin Hot Tub Mystery for my daughter's 14th birthday party. All her guests were female but they all threw themselves into their roles. We added 4 security guards for me, my husband and 2 boys (including 4 appropriately inscribed T shirts from teezz.co.uk). No-one guessed the murderer and the girls insisted we did the "reveal" in the style of "The Weakest Link" to avoid cheating. The materials were very good and everyone had great fun. Highly recommended.

    Siobhan H. - Skipton, England
  • Great story line, we had a lot of fun...By the way no body ever guessed the murderer. so good luck and happy killing!

    Ron a.
  • We had a great time. I had never participated in a murder mystery, much less hosted one, so I was anxious as to how it would work. The instructions were easy to follow. Our guests came in great costumes and had a fun time with their characters. We laughed most of the evening.

    Tina - Virginia