Masquerade Murder Mayhem

murder mystery party game
15+ Guests
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$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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A group of Jewel thieves meet at a masquerade ball to sell their loot to a prestigious buyer. They know each other only by the colors they wear, hoping to remain anonymous and inconspicuous at the gala event. When the time comes for money and diamonds to change hands the man with the diamonds is d...


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Mr. Black

murder mystery party

Mr. Black arranged this little heist, as well as many others. He’s the man to know in this town, as long as you don’t owe him a favor, but he’s about to find out how relaxing retirement can be!

Miss White

murder mystery party

White likes two things, parties and diamonds. She’s the town’s ultimate hostess and always the center of the gossip. She’s a little too revealing when it comes to money and opinions, and certainly can’t stand when things don’t go her way.

Big Boy Blue

murder mystery party

Blue has always been the muscle for Black. He’s been permanent security for Black for years. Though rather simple, he’s extremely loyal and has taken, and given many bullets to protect his boss.

Pink Lady

murder mystery party

Although it’s covered up tonight, you can still feel the radiance emanating from Pink’s glowing personality. Loved by everyone, no one ever thinks to guess that while she appears to be compassionately listening to every word she’s slipping your wallet out of your back pocket.

Yellow Belly

murder mystery party

Yellow is Black’s nephew. He always seems to be running in the opposite direction of confrontation. He’d do anything to save his own butt.

Green Eyes

murder mystery party

Green’s the tech girl. She figures the ins and outs of a plan and makes sure everything is executed smoothly. She’s very meticulous when it comes to pulling a job and can’t stand people that can’t keep up with her intellect.

Game Reviews

  • I think it went really well. It was fun and something different from anything we have ever done.

    Brittnye S.
  • We used this game as a large group activity for Valentine's Day. We had a huge success with it. We used the six orginal characters as the main characters and wrote spouses for each of the main characters plus another 32 characters as guests who came to the event. Everyone loved the mystery and it was a great concept for a romantic Valentine's event. I highly recommend this game!

    Jodie B. - Kirksville, Missouri
  • We had great fun with this game! The props (guns with bang noises, blood, and diamonds) were pretty critical to the game. It was fun for all the cast to dress according to their character’s color, and great for the rest of the crowd to dress up in fancy dresses and tuxedos that they normally wouldn’t wear. Everyone looked and felt very glamorous! We had a fabulous night and I would definitely recommend this!

    Jenny - Piedmont, CA
  • Good pictures! The two-timing Yellow Belly broke my heart with his fickleness, but I still had a GREAT time. I'm sure Green Eyes is still enjoying her diamonds! Hope we can do another one sometime soon.

    Joyce - Duncanville
  • An intriging game filled with surprises, twists, turns, and suspense!!!! The game was interesting and fun. I've never played a host-party game before and now I can't wait to play more!!!!

    Erin - LA, California