Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die?

murder mystery party game
Cast of 7 - Guests from 30 - 200
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$ 39.95
E - Everyone
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This is it! It's Fairfield High's big prom night and everyone is ready to celebrate. The whole class of 1959 is here including the cheerleader and her football-star boyfriend, the class rebel and his current fling as well as the class bookworm. But appearances can be deceiving. Someone here is no...


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Karen Carter

murder mystery party

Everything in life has come easily for Karen. She's one of the most popular girls in school, she's head cheerleader and she has a dreamy boyfriend! But, what about after high school? She wants to be with Ken forever, but he's going off to university. Nobody leaves Karen!

Ken Armstrong

murder mystery party

Ken is the school's most popular student and proud of being both a football star and student body president. He's got a big football scholarship and he views tonight as the first night of his great future. Appearances can be deceiving, however. Ken is not the nicest person you'd want to meet - in...

Connie Jefferson

murder mystery party

Connie is excited about tonight and is determined to have a good time even though she wasn't elected Prom Queen. One of the most popular girls in school, Connie always plays the leads in the school plays and looks forward to moving to New York and following her dream to be a world-famous actress!

Judy Blake

murder mystery party

Judy is ready to put down her books and have a great night. She hopes that maybe tonight is the night that Ken will finally realize that she could be more than just his math tutor. After all, even smart girls should get the boy sometime!

Roy Peterson

murder mystery party

Roy is only here because Angie persuaded him. He thinks he is too cool to be at a high school prom. Where's the booze? However, Roy's not as dumb as people think. He's got a few plans to make this evening exciting. If Roy has his way, this will be one evening that the class of 1959 will never f...

Angie Smallwood

murder mystery party

Angie knows her high school reputation is that she's a bad girl and she just doesn't care.

Penny Withers

murder mystery party

Penny didn't want to come tonight. Her idea of a great evening is reading a good book. Even though she's terribly shy, she has always had dreams of being like Angie. Wouldn't it be great to be that cool?

Game Reviews

  • This was such an awesome event. We had great success with it.

    GraceLloyd - Marshall Student Center