Death of a Teen Idol

murder mystery party game
6 - 8 guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Everyone loves Melissa Martin. And why not? She's the most popular teen pop-star singing sensation with 2 hit CDs and she just finished starring in her first movie! She's got everything a girl could wish for and she's surrounded by friends. Yesterday Melissa sent a note to her closest friends ...


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Melissa Martin

murder mystery party

Melissa led a charmed life. She and her twin sister, Mary Margaret (M.M.) started acting when they were little more than babies. Melissa continued acting and 2 years ago started singing as well. Her first CD (which she wrote herself) was a huge hit and her second CD (which she also wrote) went pl...

Mary Margaret (M.M.) Martin

murder mystery party

M.M. started acting back with Melissa - they were a popular set of twins used on many TV shows. But, when she turned 12, MM decided she didn't want to act anymore and left the spotlight for Melissa. MM has kept herself busy with school and likes to stay home and play with her dog. Actually, her do...

Ashleigh Davis

murder mystery party

Ashleigh is the friend that has known both Melissa and MM the longest. They all met at an audition back when they were six, and she and both the twins became great friends. She says that she enjoyed being Melissa's stand-in in her recent movie, but doesn't like that she can't get any acting jobs h...

Kayla Phillips

murder mystery party

Kayla was Melissa's best friend. Although not in show business, Kayla is a popular student at her exclusive Beverly Hills high school and is used to mixing with celebrities as her father is a movie producer. She adores riding and spends as many hours as possible out at the stables grooming and rid...

Carrie Watson

murder mystery party

Carrie is a popular teen movie star - used to the good life and buying her designer clothes on Rodeo Drive. Last year she was one of Hollywood's biggest box office stars, but Melissa seems to be gaining on her. The big rumor in Hollywood was that Melissa was going to replace Carrie in her next mov...

Emily Reynolds

murder mystery party

Quiet and shy, Emily is the perfect personal assistant (and hopes one day, to be a poet). She says that she loves running around doing Melissa's errands and answering her mountains of fan mail. Emily is always organized and able to guess what Melissa wants even before Melissa does. Being this per...

Brittany Taylor

murder mystery party

Brittany is a talented singer with plenty of ambition. Her job as Melissa's back-up singer has let her meet many music producers and one day, Brittany wants to be the featured singer. She is determined to fulfill her ambitions because, after all, who would want to live their life in someone else's...

Michelle Henderson

murder mystery party

Michelle has worked for Carrie for years. She's been on all of Carrie's movie sets and she's seen how hard Carrie has worked for her success. Michelle was not impressed with Melissa's behaviour on the set while she and Carrie were filming the movie. She agrees with Carrie that Melissa should have...

Pat Williams

murder mystery party

Pat has been Melissa's business manager ever since she signed her first contract and has been the guiding hand ever since. She is completely in control of Melissa's money and has always been trusted to do the right thing. Lately, however, Melissa seemed displeased and, apparently, was thinking of le...

Game Reviews

  • This was a lot of fun! We changed the plan a little bit - instead of reading clues aloud, we "mingled" and had conversations with each guest, so we found out the clues individually. It took longer, but it seemed more realistic. We were all surprised at the outcome, and had fun going back through the clues to read them after the fact to see what we'd missed.

    Emily - Topsfield, Massachusetts
  • this was so much fun it felt so real my friends all want to have a party like mine Recommendation: EXCELLENT!!!

    Brittany - Los Angelas, California
  • The ending is a big surprise. The clues in round one leave you a little puzzled but stick with it. This game is super fun!

  • This was a great party. Everybody had a lot of fun. None of us even guessed the real murderer. I will definately do one of these parties again!

    Emily R. - Louisville, Colorado
  • We played the game at a murder mystery Pathfinder sleepover (Pathfinders is an older branch of Girl Guides). There were 7 girls and 3 leaders, the 2 extra leaders were police officers and helped to interrogate and lead the game. The girls seemed to have a lot of fun... We had a lot of fun and will definitely be doing it again next year.

    Sonya B. - New Brunswick
  • My friend hosted this murder mystery and I thought it was incredible. Everyone had so much fun and we really got into our characters, "accusing" murderers at the end of each round (for fun). The ending surprised everyone and no one guessed who it was! I would recommend this for 12-19 year-olds. Suggestion: really get into your character and create a "crime scene" with tape to block off the area until you are completely ready to let your guests check out the sight. This was soooooooooo much fun! :)

    Carolyn Y. - San Antonio, Texas
  • I had this Murder Mystery as my 11th Birthday party. I really enjoyed it and so did my friends. A bit of advise: make sure you listen very carefully and take a few note of what you think is important. Overall it is a fanstastic game and very fun !!! I recommened it to everyone!

    Libby . - Harpenden, England