A Holiday Murder

murder mystery party game
8- 14 Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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T’was the eve of the holidays, good times was the quest, And all were excited ‘til the murder of a guest! The victim was discovered in a blood-soaked bed, With a note in the hand and a wound in the head! Set in the era of the 70s & 80s, the coolest party of the holidays includes trivia, dancin...


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Shirley Good

murder mystery party

Shirley is a very active socialite, whose inherited wealth helped her husband Adam’s business ventures get started. Shirley is a very spoiled, high maintenance wife, who wants for nothing but her husband’s attention! She knows how to throw fabulous parties, often times for a charity event, and she...

Adam Good

murder mystery party

Adam is President and CEO of Toyco Enterprises. He has made a fortune manufacturing little “Hot Cars,” that have had phenomenal sales throughout the world. He is a flashy dresser and brags loudly about all his money, which he uses to buy recognition from the rich and famous. This characteristic al...

Babra Waters

murder mystery party

Babra is one of the most influential and popular talk show hosts in the country. She is very confident and comfortable around famous celebrities and renowned politicians. It is considered quite an honor to be interviewed by her! Being an amateur photographer, Babra always has her camera ready for...

Noah Good

murder mystery party

Noah is a rogue, who is mischievous and playful and likes to prank people. The life of every party, his outstanding good looks and great sense of humor also make him very popular with the ladies! Upon occasion, his excessive drinking and gambling can get him into trouble! Work is not in his vocabu...

Candy Carter

murder mystery party

Candy is a Southern belle with bodacious curves, whose ultimate desire is to be a movie star. She is not especially smart and a little too giggly, but her southern accent makes up for a lot! Candy is having an affair with Adam Good, who supports her financially and promises to introduce her to big ...

Spruce Steen

murder mystery party

Spruce is a talented rock n’ roll star, whose albums are skyrocketing off the charts. He sings about the common man and against the rich and greedy, yet he has a curious power over all. Spruce is Adam’s neighbor and a close friend of Noah Good. He and Brooke Fields have lived together for several...

Brandon Marlo

murder mystery party

Brandon is a neighbor and good friend of Adam Good. His emotional memory has contributed to his magnetic presence in his many award winning films. His independence allows him to experience all walks of life, in his quest to be a great actor. Brandon can imitate any accent and uses this talent to ...

Farra Foster

murder mystery party

Farra is a beautiful and temperamental movie queen, who is used to getting her way. She has had several affairs and is also often troubled by mental lapses. Her engagement to Robin Court has just recently broken up, so Brandon Marlo convinced her to accompany him to the party.

Harry Lord

murder mystery party

Harry is a huge political force in the country, all about peace and stimulating the economy. He became good friends with Adam and Robin in law school and has remained close ever since. Once a year they all get together to celebrate their friendship! They are also a good source for campaign contr...

Brooke Fields

murder mystery party

Brooke was raised in a show biz family and therefore her burning ambition is to follow in the footsteps of her family’s success. However, she is an exciting and adventurous rebel, who loves to shock people with her wickedly flagrant lifestyle. There is not a conventional bone in her body and she’s...

Bob Briese

murder mystery party

Bob is a famous NFL quarterback who won several Super-Bowl titles. He is a bit on the quiet side, except occasionally when his temper gets out of control! Sometimes he flies off the handle in a violent fit of rage, but not everybody knows this. Always in great shape, this buff body has just release...

Prissy Everest

murder mystery party

Prissy is a world famous tennis champion who is quite popular with the press. She has appeared on many magazine covers and is besieged by advertizing agencies to tout their products. She is a closet disco queen when she is out of the limelight!

Whitney Wordup

murder mystery party

Whitney is well known for “being there” and bringing interesting and exciting news stories into our homes. She is a daring and adventurous reporter, whose life has often been jeopardized for a breaking story!

Seymour Profitt

murder mystery party

Seymour likes to invest the money of the rich and famous which pads his pockets as well! He is indeed ambitious, but not altogether honest! Lately, he has been making plans for early retirement, after which he will be moving to Hawaii.

Robin Court (Victim)

murder mystery party

Robin is a successful lawyer, who has touched the lives of many guests at the party. Adam Good, Harry Lord and Robin have been good buddies since their college days, even though there have been plenty of skirmishes between them! Robin has a well publicized passion for beautiful women. The fact th...

Game Reviews

  • Thank you very much Betsy. Your mystery is very involved when you take the time to understand all of the characters and their ''interactions''. What an imagination you have. Thank you and please author another one for next New Years eve. I definitely like your style!

    Mike L. - Minneapolis, MN
  • It was a good time once we figured out what to do. Next time will be even better! Thanks Brandi.

  • Our group had a blast! Everyone came in costume & really played up their characters. It definately makes a dinner party more exciting!

    Cathy D. - St. George, Ontario, Canada
  • Really fun game, lots of great characters! We only had 8 of the 15 characters though and it did seem like missed some of the game without the other 7. Would recommend filling all the roles if possible. We all had fun though & my guests liked the fingerprint analyzer too!

    Amber W. - Minnesota
  • Great fun! We really had a good time! This is our second host-party game and it was as much fun as the first time. It gives flexibility to play with things by having the print options.

    Jo - Boulder Creek, CA
  • The Murder Mystery Dinner was a great success! Everyone came in character and costumes. We did it in about 3 and half hours. Since I wasn't Shirley Good and I didn't read the solution clues it was a fun surprise at the end. The website was helpful with characters suggestions and emails contacts. Tips for future: print all the clues out early and get them in envelopes, create a buzz with guest,one thing I did was use 70 and 80 slang words in emails and text and everyone loved that, it help create the Buzz! get all your props early. I waited till the last 2 day before the party and it turn out to be a lot of work. Once everything is setup the party was a blast!!!! I would do it again and would recommend it to friends. Thanks Robin Duke

    Robin D. - Vancouver, Canada