The Beverly Hills High School Murder

murder mystery party game
6 - 10 Guests (including Host)
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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Tonight is a surprise party for Shannon- the most popular girl at the exclusive girls' school in Beverly Hills, The Hills Academy. All her closest friends have been invited for an evening of fun. Unfortunately, the surprise is that someone at the party just murdered Shannon! Who would want to k...


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murder mystery party

The most popular girl in school, Shannon writes for the school paper, is a cheerleader, and gets great marks. Everyone wants her for their best friend.


murder mystery party

Jordan is the best basketball player on The Hills Academy team. She dreams of playing at the Olympics and then becoming a professional basketball player.


murder mystery party

Amanda is one of the stars of The Hills Academy band where she plays the clarinet. She has the ambition to play professionally in one of the world's best orchestras.


murder mystery party

Samantha is very proud of being the editor of the school paper. She is smart, efficient and always ready to sniff out the next big story. One day she wants to be a foreign correspondent for CNN.


murder mystery party

When Chloe isn't at The Hills Academy,she is at her dance classes. She lives for dance and is determined to be a famous dancer one day with her own dance company.


murder mystery party

Trudy loves anything to do with books. She dreams of becoming a writer.


murder mystery party

Hillary fought long and hard to win the election to be President of the Student Council. She has political ambitions for a much higher office once she completes her education.


murder mystery party

Diana has had the lead in every school play. She dreams of going to Broadway or London and having a career on the stage to be followed by winning "Best Actress" when she's a big movie star.


murder mystery party

Pamela has known Shannon since they were in Grade One. They are best friends and know all each other's secrets.


murder mystery party

Hailey is the lead cheerleader for The Hills Academy. She loves her school and tries to raise the school spirit by everything she does.


murder mystery party

Betsy is the top student at The Hills Academy. Her marks are very important to her and she wants to go to a top university and become a lawyer.

Game Reviews

  • We played Murder 90210 at my daughter's spend the night birthday party. We found out just a day or so before the party that one of the guests would not be able to come after all. It was pretty easy to combine a couple of the characters into one, and the party was good-to-go. All of the girls got into their roles, and by the time the reveal round came around, the girls were asking if we could add more to the game - no one was ready for it to be over. They had a great time!

    Lynn a. - 107 Hudson Drive, Vidalia, GA
  • We hosted this for our 17 year olds birthday. She goes to a girl's school, so it was perfect for her friends. They really got into playing the characters and had a lot of fun with it. The fingerprint analyzer was fun, but confusing as to how it fits in with the game. It seemed like their should have been more details about where the murder took place if you were going to introduce evidence from the analyzer. It was cool to view though. We needed one more character so we added one. It took a little creative ingenuity, but it worked out well. The girls didn't suspect, but did wonder why "Monet" did not have fingerprints on the analyzer. :-) The time frame was perfect for us, but I could see where it could take a lot less time if the participants didn't really get into playing the characters. The girls said it was the best party they had been to in a long time and wanted to do another soon!

    Debbie K. - Southern U.S