Spooky Hollow Horror

murder mystery party game
8-14 Guests
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$ 34.95
E - Everyone
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The grand celebration of the new owner of Spooky Hollow Manor has been overshadowed by the spine-chilling murder of one of the guests. Since everyone is a suspect in this act of foul play, this ghoulish gang is out for an evening of fright and horror! All guests will have fun playing their unique ...


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Dr. Van Pyre

murder mystery party

Van is an eminent heart surgeon who has just purchased Spooky Hollow Manor. Underneath his charismatic personality, lies a deep, dark secret of which very few are aware.

Kat Lady

murder mystery party

Van’s wife, Kat Lady, is a purr-fectly stunning vamp who revels in her position as head of the Manor. She is a sanctimonious fraud who will charm and compliment you to your face, and turn around and knife you in the back.

Izzy Dedd

murder mystery party

Izzy was Mummy’s dear husband, whose death was declared accidental. He likes to haunt the Manor with his untimely apparitions and stir up a little trouble between the inhabitants.

Norman Batts

murder mystery party

Norman has been the faithful butler of Spooky Hollow Manor for years. Hopelessly devoted to Mummy, Norman is not happy with the sale of the estate.

Bea Whare

murder mystery party

Bea has always had total control over the mansion, and delivers ominous warnings if things don’t go her way. She has her eye on the butler, but he will have nothing to do with Bea.

Franken Farter

murder mystery party

Franken Farter is renowned for his investigations of ghosts and other supernatural spirits that visit our environment. He has a severe flatulence problem which makes close contact with him very uncomfortable.

Elvira Weach

murder mystery party

Elvira is the seductive siren who lives in the neighborhood and attracts people not only with her bodacious curves, but also with her outrageously bawdy sense of humor. Watch out for her sorcery!

Taran Chula

murder mystery party

Taran is a very creative chef of southern descent who is always spinning webs of intriguing possibilities for exciting menus. A little creepy, Taran Chula’s specialty is called “Insectual Delight!”

Skell Eaton

murder mystery party

Skell is the sickly daughter of Izzy and Mummy, who is slowly dying from a “wasting disease.” Despite her condition, she is extremely energetic and laughs at everything. Her latest passion is photography.

Xavier Breth

murder mystery party

Xavier is renowned for his exotic gardens in Spooky Hollow Manor. Imbibing in some of the delicacies it produces, causes him to wander off into dreamland every once in awhile. While he doesn’t talk much to people, he is always muttering a lot to himself.

Kerry Imhoff

murder mystery party

Kerry, the wealthy mortician who lives next door, could be described as mostly grim, punctual and always looking for new business.


murder mystery party

One of the ghosts who haunt old Spooky Hollow Manor, Gasper is much more friendly than frightening.

Gorey Reaper

murder mystery party

Gorey is a vampire hunter who is always on the prowl. Nobody knows what happens after a vampire is caught. Is Gorey looking for romance, or retribution?

Wanda Wizard

murder mystery party

While trying to plan the renovation of Spooky Hollow Manor into a Bed & Breakfast, Wanda observes many strange happenings. She believes that the estate is truly haunted and she sings a lot to keep her fear from surfacing.


murder mystery party

Mummy is the previous owner of Spooky Hollow Manor. She was married to the late Izzy Dedd and has a daughter, Skell Eaton.

Game Reviews

  • We really enjoyed "Spooky Hollow Horror." It was a fun Halloween themed game. Very easy to play and the personalities in this game are a riot. It's very easy to plan this party. A creepy buffet worked out great for us. And decorating is simple. Just decorate as you would for any Halloween event. The costumes are easy to create. As with many of the games by this author, make sure your players are very outgoing and like to role play their characters. This makes the game so much more fun. The character background gives you tips on how to act like your character and if your guests let loose and go for it, it makes for a laugh out loud night. The "vampire" discussing bloody operations to everyone he chats with or the "ghost" who enjoys scaring the "over-frightened" guest. It worked out great. Also, if the host prepares ahead of time, like instructed to, you can create a crime scene and make things seem more "real" for your guests. Also, this game is very light-hearted and it's not for puzzle solvers or people looking for an in-depth mystery. The game is more fun to simply be played and enjoy. There is a crime and the clues are there, but make the solving of the crime only part of the fun. There's also additional ideas for extra games to help keep the evening moving along. My guests had a great time, loved the characters and we just had a great Halloween night of laughs.

    Dennis A. - South Plainfield, NJ USA
  • 1st time hosting a "Murder Mystery Party" and we loved it. It was so much fun! I have to admit I was a little nervous but the way the game was laid out and all the party host guide it all came off with out a hitch. All the guest love it as well and everyone is talking about which "Murder Mystery" we are going to do next year. This will definitely be a first of many more to come. Thank you!!!

    Edmond &. - Archbold, Ohio